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In the technology that evolves day by day to meet the need for shelter in line with global climate problems, the engineers once used pipes and cables. In today's conditions, it covers everything from acoustic to building physics, from daylight to sustainability.
Unlike conventional engineering practices, our approach guides its designs by taking into account global climatic conditions, building physics and acoustics.
Our team works in 3D and BIM-based projects in all projects with original structures with high standards, in accordance with engineering norms and high aesthetic values.
It has experience in domestic and international projects with its dynamic staff focused on achieving a realistic and producible structure, taking into account local and international regulations and practices.
Our engineers have a good command of the current Turkish Regulations and Specifications, European, American and Russian Norms related to design and can actively use them.
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Unique 3D mechanical designs, impressive and outstanding support. We are at your service with our professional team that always strives to make working with Arkatun a pleasure.
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Oğuzhan Tekin Founder at Arkatun Engineering

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